Smart Palate

Adult and pediatric patients with persistent articulation errors or oral dysphagia have local access to a high-tech program called “Smart Palate.”

Known as palatometry therapy, the program is offered by UH Samaritan Rehabilitation Center’s speech therapy staff. Patients wear a plastic mouthpiece equipped with sensors that measure tongue movement. The measurements are displayed on a computer monitor so patients experience real-time biofeedback.

This instantaneous feedback, along with the expertise of a trained therapist, result in faster therapy progress and better carryover of skills. Palatometry is ideal for teaching the difficult consonant sounds like “R,” “K” and “S” and also helps patients who struggle with making the proper tongue movements necessary to swallow.

For patients experiencing apraxia, dysarthria and other motor speech disorders common after a stroke or in conditions like cerebral palsy, palatometry proves an effective option.

The customization of each Smart Palate does require a visit to a dentist or orthodontist. Patients are responsible for the cost of the dental impression and the Smart Palate.

For more information about palatometry, please call UH Samaritan Rehabilitation Center at 419-281-1330.