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Samaritan Women’s Health Services (Screening Mammograms)
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UH Samaritan Medical Center (Screening and Diagnostic Mammograms)
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Mammograms are X-rays of the breasts used to detect abnormalities which may indicate breast cancer. There are two levels of mammograms: screening mammograms and diagnostic mammograms. Screening mammograms are used for women who are NOT experiencing symptoms. Diagnostic mammograms are ordered by physicians for those experiencing symptoms, such a lump or physical findings of concern.

Mammogram images can be recorded on film or digitally. All mammograms performed at Samaritan are digital. With digital mammography, images are stored and analyzed using a computer. This means our radiologist can sharpen or enlarge the digital image to see certain areas more clearly.

During your mammogram, the breasts will be compressed for an even thickness to capture a clear and detailed view. Screening mammograms take about 20 minutes while diagnostic mammograms take longer.

The United States Preventive Services Task Force recommends a screening mammogram every two years if you are between the ages of 50 and 74. If you are 40 to 49 years old, the CDC recommends you talk to your doctor about when to start and how often to get a screening mammogram.