Circulatory System Treatment

EECP Clinic, operated by Samaritan Heart Services
Located on the first floor of UH Samaritan Medical Center
1025 Center Street
Ashland, Ohio 44805


Click here to view a video of UH Samaritan Medical Center nurse Kim Rosser discussing EECP.

UH Samaritan Medical Center offers hope to patients who fail to respond to conventional angina/heart failure treatment. It is called EECP, which stands for Enhanced External Counter Pulsation.

EECP is a non-invasive treatment for patients with coronary heart disease. Known as the natural bypass, EECP stimulates the growth of small branches of blood vessels (collaterals) to create a bypass around narrowed or blocked arteries.

The procedure is performed at UH Samaritan Medical Center and consists of 35, one-hour treatments, five days a week for seven weeks. A nurse remains by your side throughout the duration of the procedure, educating you about your condition which empowers you to live a healthy lifestyle.

Three specially designed blood pressure cuffs are strategically placed on your body to deliver pressure in a rapid sequence from your calves to your buttocks. An ECG (formerly referred to as EKG) triggers the timing of the inflation and deflation of these cuffs, which deflate just before your heart beats. By working with the heart’s normal rhythm, EECP encourages the body to heal itself.

Candidates for EECP are as follows:

• People with chronic stable angina
• People with congestive heart failure
• People with a non-bypassable condition
• People with a non-interventional condition

The benefits of EECP are as follows:

• Reduces or eliminates angina episodes
• Reduces or eliminates the use of Nitroglycerine
• Increases energy and stamina to return to the things you like to do
• Improved tolerance to exercise
• Decreases stress due to pain concerns

Clinical studies have demonstrated that EECP therapy benefits more than 80% of patients treated, with significant improvement in relief of symptoms. The treatment modality first evolved in the United States in 1953 and was adopted by the Chinese, who refined and expanded the technology. In the 1980's, Chinese researchers returned to the United States and, in collaboration with researchers from New York at Stony Brook, began clinical studies of EECP’s positive effects.

A Cardiologist referral is necessary for treatment at the EECP clinic, which can be made by your primary care provider, or self referred. For further information, please call 419-207-2494.

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