Pulmonary Rehabilitation

Located at UH Samaritan Medical Center
For more information, call 419-207-2453

UH Samaritan Medical Center's Cardio Pulmonary Services offers a ten-week session of exercise therapy, education, and emotional support performed under the direct supervision of a pulmonologist.

Through Pulmonary Rehabilitation Services, an individualized treatment program will be created for you to stabilize your pulmonary disease and attempt to return you to the highest possible functional capacity allowed by your pulmonary disease. Our highly skilled staff take the time to discuss many topics with you regarding your health.

Upon completion of the ten-week program, you are more than welcome to maintain your fitness regimen by continuing to use the Pulmonary Rehabilitation equipment up to five days a week for a nominal fee. Former pulmonary rehab patients often feel more comfortable exercising in the Pulmonary Rehabilitation Services facility because oxygen concentrators and other lifesaving equipment are available, which is not the case at gyms or recreational facilities.

A physician referral is necessary to receive treatment at Pulmonary Rehabilitation Services, and can be made by calling our Pulmonary Rehabilitation Services at 419-207-2453.