Samaritan Professional Park

Samaritan Professional Park Phone:

2212 Mifflin Avenue
Ashland, OH 44805

Samaritan Professional Park is 33.5 acres of land located near the corners of Route 42 and Mifflin Avenue in Ashland. It is home to the Ashland Medical Center, owned by Drs. Daniel Denbow and James Patterson of Ashland Eyecare; Dr. Andrew Stein of Ashland ENT, Allergy, and Hearing Aid Center; Dr. David Godfrey, Orthopaedic/Sports Medicine and Dr. John Peck, urologist.

Several Samaritan outpatient services are situated in this 40,000 square foot facility. Aims-Occupational Health Services, the Samaritan Sleep Center, and T.W. Miller Health Services, including Samaritan Women's Health Services and Orthopaedic Surgery/Sports Medicine are on the second floor of this building. Samaritan's Endoscopy Center is located on the first floor. Dr. Harpreet Brar of Samaritan Surgical Associates is also at this location. Akron Children's Hospital Pediatrics is located on the second floor, Suite 235.

T.W. Miller Health Services offers outpatient radiology services, providing convenient access for both the community and physicians within the building.

General Surgery
Samaritan Surgical Associtates
Harpreet Brar, M.D.
Phone: 419-289-4654
Fax: 419-289-4631

Dale Thomae, D.O.
Kathy Seitz, CNP
Karin Schwan, CNP
Phone: 419-289-6317
Fax: 419-207-2658

Orthopaedic Surgery/Sports Medicine
David M. Godfrey, M.D.

Julie Farrier, PA-C
2212 Mifflin Avenue, Ashland, OH 44805
Phone: 419-207-BONE (2663)

John Peck, M.D.
2212 Mifflin Avenue, Ashland, OH 44805
Phone: 419-289-6000 or 866-433-7325

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