It may look like light-hearted gym fun in cardiac rehab, but beneath the chatter and laughter there is serious work being done. Patients come into rehab for a variety of reasons; some are prescribed rehab after suffering a heart-attack, others are referred by their doctors after having stents placed or being diagnosed with any number of cardiac diseases.

After an initial assessment, patients begin a personalized but regimented exercise program meant to increase stamina and strengthen the heart muscle. Heart tracing and vital signs are monitored by rehab staff, and reports regularly sent to the ordering physician. Patients attend education classes that cover everything from nutrition, to medications, to the importance of physical activity. Patients are taught how to take their pulses and understand the signs and symptoms of an over-worked heart.

Most importantly, our patients complete their cardiac rehab program stronger, more confident, and more capable of being an active partner in managing their heart health.

Stop by the Cardiac Rehab Week display in the café at UH-Samaritan to pick up some information regarding the cardiac rehab program and heart-healthy living. If interested, please call the hospital at (419) 289-0491, ext. 2453 and speak to Amanda, Rosana, Michelle, or Jon.

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