UH Samaritan and SHF Brings Homeland Security Initiative to Ashland

Stop the Bleed, a grassroots effort launched by the White House in 2015, has come to Ashland through the combined efforts of University Hospitals Samaritan Medical Center and the Samaritan Hospital Foundation.

Similar to how the general public learns and administers CPR, Stop the Bleed teaches bystanders how to use their hands, dressings and tourniquets to control bleeding until help arrives. Without aid, a person who is bleeding can die from blood loss within five minutes.

The community can learn the life-saving Stop the Bleed techniques at a free presentation at UH Samaritan on Main, April 25 from 6 – 6:30 p.m. Please preregister for the program at 419-207-2563. 

“When tragedy strikes, medical care needs to be prompt and effective,” explained EMT captain Anthony Coletta. “The Stop the Bleed program teaches simple life saving maneuvers to lay people in the event of a tragedy.”

Because a tragedy can occur at any time and in any way, from a traffic accident to a workplace injury to an active shooter, first responders and community leaders are lending their support. Sheriff deputies, EMTs, police officers, fire personnel, City employees, Ashland University staff and personnel from Ashland City Schools will learn Stop the Bleed.

"The City wants to arm its employees with the tools to make a difference,” said Mark Burgess, human resource director for the City of Ashland. “Stop the Bleed goes along with CPR, AED and fire extinguisher training. We are preparing our citizens for the unthinkable." 

While UH Samaritan is providing the personnel to spearhead and train the community, the Samaritan Hospital Foundation purchased the items needed for the Stop the Bleed training classes, along with Stop the Bleed kits for the local schools.

“The Stop the Bleeding training and trauma kits are a new way for our district to prepare for helping our students be safe if an intruder enters one of our buildings and harms one of our children,” explained Dr. Doug Marrah, superintendent of Ashland City Schools. “Unfortunately this is a scenario we are forced to plan and train for in our school buildings. Practice and training with the Stop the Bleeding kits gives us one more tool to help keep our children safe while they are at school.”

According to Richard Beal, president of the Samaritan Hospital Foundation, Stop the Bleed is an extremely important program and the Foundation was grateful for the opportunity to work with UH Samaritan to bring this life-saving initiative to Ashland. “The support from our community leaders and first responders has been remarkable,” Beal added. 

“Through Stop the Bleed, the citizens of Ashland County can get involved and safe a life, whether it is from a shooting, act of terrorism, farming accident or a household injury,” said Chief Deputy Carl Richert II. “I think everyone should get on this band wagon and take advantage of the opportunity to participate in this national initiative from the Department of Homeland Security.”

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