Living Legacy Foundation Donates Books to Newborns

The Living Legacy Foundation of the Loudonville Public Library has donated 300 books to the Birthing and Women’s Unit (BWU) at University Hospitals Samaritan Medical Center.

Each new mother will be sent home with a copy of the infant board book Farm by James Brown. Numerous studies indicate early reading encourages a successful educational experience throughout life.

“Reading to newborns aids in brain and language development,” explained UH Samaritan nurse Shannon Graves, manager of the BWU. “Farm is an excellent first book because parents can point to the colorful pictures as they are reading. This helps the baby make connections with hearing what is said while seeing the picture.”

Library staff and board members hope parents use this gift to cultivate an early love for reading.

“We look forward to this project’s success and hope parents take advantage of any opportunity to read to their new babies,” said Jamie Black, president of the foundation’s board. “The Living Legacy Foundation of the Loudonville Public Library is pleased to have this opportunity to partner with UH Samaritan Medical Center.”

The primary role of the Living Legacy Foundation is to support the Loudonville Public Library. Library director Michael Thornton and his staff identified the newborn book project as a way to fulfill the library’s mission. A discount from publisher Penquin-Random House further supported the project.

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