Occupational/Hand Therapy

Occupational Therapy / Hand Therapy services are provided by state licensed occupational therapists (OTR/L). Our staff has many years of service and continuing education to remain current in treatment provided. Our occupational therapy program treats many different types of injuries and medical conditions.

• Hand Therapy: Fractures, arthritis, tendon lacerations, nerve injuries (such as carpal tunnel syndrome), weakness, amputations, and burns can affect every aspect of daily function. Treatment focuses on range of motion, hand strength, endurance building, coordination, dexterity, sensory re-education and scar management. Modalities include heat, electric stimulation and ultrasound, when needed, and are used for pain relief, improved motion, muscle strengthening and flexibility.

• Splinting: Our trained staff provides custom-made upper extremity splints to meet the needs of the patient, based on the patient’s condition and situation. Static or dynamic splints are utilized to support, immobilize, stabilize, or progressively increase motion, in order to promote healing, maximize function or prevent further limitation.

• Inpatient Therapy: The focus of treatment in this setting is to improve one’s ability to perform daily living skills in order to regain functional independence. Treatment might include improving upper extremity strength or teach an adaptive technique depending on the limitation. Guidance is provided to family members and caregivers. The therapist can make adaptive equipment recommendations and provide training.

• Pre-op Education: In order to prepare a patient for an elective hip or knee replacement, a patient attends a pre-operative training session. Occupational therapy addresses daily living skills, specifically bathing and dressing the operative leg and accessing the tub or shower. In order to maintain independence, a patient may require the use of adaptive equipment, and instruction is provided during this session.

We also offer adult neuro therapy, pediatric therapy, and industrial consultation and rehabilitation.