Emergency Department

Please be assured that the UH Samaritan Medical Center Emergency Department Staff is dedicated to providing quality emergency care in a timely manner. Patients are triaged upon arrival, and seen according to the severity of their condition. Therefore, patients are not necessarily treated according to the order of arrival.

24/7 Emergency Services
UH Samaritan Medical Center
First Floor
1025 Center Street
Ashland, Ohio 44805

419-289-0491 or 1-800-257-9917

You never want to think about using an Emergency Department (ED), but it's comforting to know that, not only is a quality ED nearby, it's also a state-of-the-art facility envied by many.

ED_DeptConstruction of the newly remodeled space finished in early 2009. Our ED is unique in many ways, starting with the design. It was designed with ample space in mind by those who use it daily...our staff.

Each patient room has a television, computer, telephone and doors for optimum privacy and comfort. Four nurses' stations are equally spaced in quadrants for nurses to efficiently monitor patient stats and quickly attend to patient needs. The peaked glass ceiling allows natural lighting to flood the area, encompassing patients and staff alike in an uplifting way.

Up to 22 patients can be treated at a time, with ample waiting space in the ED lobby for visitors. Vending machines and wheelchairs are located nearby, as is a separate play area for children.

Ed_DeptThe ambulance bay accommodates four emergency squad cars, whereas the old bay could only accommodate one. The heated concrete drive assures the safety of EMS personnel loading stretchers in and out of the squad car.

Physicians and nurses can work side-by-side with great efficiency when time is of the utmost importance in the new trauma room. Once stabilized, patients are whisked to a waiting helicopter on the attached, rooftop helipad.

Another new feature of the 9,411 square foot addition is a family consultation room with a bereavement room overlooking an outdoor, inspirational fountain. This allows families to grieve in a peaceful, quiet setting.

Ed_DeptA new CT scanner was added to the ED to assure timely diagnostic testing is available to both our patients in the Emergency Department, and our outpatients. Another patient-focused change came in the addition of a financial counselor that meets with ED patients at the time of service.

The ED staff will make every effort to keep patients and families informed during the entire process, however, if you have a question, please don't hesitate to ask.


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