Cardio Pulmonary Services

SRHS's Quality CardioPulmonary Services Recognized by National Program

Certified by the Intersocietal Accreditation Commission (IAC) for echocardiography.

Located at UH Samaritan Medical Center
First Floor
1025 Center Street
Ashland, Ohio 44805

419-207-2528 or 1-800-257-9917, ext. 2528

What is Cardio Pulmonary Services?

Cardio Pulmonary Services, or CPS as it is more commonly called, refers to both your heart and your lungs, and how the health of these vital organs relates to your overall wellness, including physical stamina.

If you are experiencing shortness of breath, with little to no physical exertion, your physician will most likely order a Stress Test, which is performed in our CPS Department, located on the first floor at UH Samaritan Medical Center.

Other procedures offered through our CPS department include:

Venous Doppler (DVT) for deep vein thrombosis

Carotid Doppler to check carotid artery in the neck

Arterial Doppler to check arms, legs, fingers, toes

Renal Doppler to check the renal artery in the kidneys

Transesophageal ECHO (TEE) - This procedure is performed by a cardiologist. A scope with a cardiac probe is passed through the esophagus to visualize the heart in motion.

Cardiac Ultrasound ECHO - This medical procedure allows us to see the wall motion, valves and blood flow through the heart.

ECHO Stress Test

Cardiolite stress test with Nuclear Medicine

Holter Monitor for 24-hour monitoring - This helpful device records the electrical activity of the heart while performing daily, routine activities.

30-day Event Monitor – This monitor is worn to record the heart’s electrical activity for a 30 day period, capturing any abnormal beats.

Pulmonary Function Test (PFT) – This is a body box for airway resistance measurements, in addition to other breathing maneuvers.

Exercise Pulmonary Function Test (PFT) – Combines activity with the breathing test.

Respiratory FIT testing – This is performed at the UH Occupational Health - Ashland clinic, located at 2212 Mifflin Avenue in Ashland.

EEGs – This is a brain wave test. You can visit our online library for more information on EEGs.

Pulmonary Rehabilitation – This is an eight-week session of intense therapy that is performed under the direct supervision of a pulmonologist. The individualized treatment program stabilizes or reverses functional changes of the lungs resulting from disease or injury. Our highly skilled staff takes the time to discuss many topics with you regarding your health. Referrals can be made through your family physician by calling our Pulmonary Rehabilitation Services at 419-289-0491.

When will I see a respiratory therapist?

Respiratory therapists perform all cardio pulmonary care in the CPS department, often times providing physicians with test results the same day as the scheduled procedure. Inpatients and Emergency Department patients may also see a respiratory therapist, depending on their medical condition and treatment needs. Respiratory therapists work closely with clinical staff to assure blood oxygen levels are properly maintained . Surgery patients, especially our joint replacement patients, will see the respiratory therapist often during their hospital stay to avoid pneumonia. These patients will be encouraged to practice lung exercises to keep their lungs strong and healthy while they are recovering, whether it be at home, at the hospital, at an assisted living facility, or at a nursing home.

Registered, or certified, respiratory therapists staff our CPS department 24 hours a day, seven days a week, earning a place for UH Samaritan Medical Center in the “Quality Respiratory Care Recognition Program” of the American Association for Respiratory Care.