Community Education

Our Community Education classes are FREE! Unless otherwise noted, register for these programs by calling 419-207-2563, leaving a name, contact information, and number of individuals attending. Or, feel free to email

Adult Immunizations
Presented by Dr. Megan Oberhauser
Tuesday, November 27 at 5:30 p.m.
UH Samaritan on Main, 663 East Main Street, Ashland
We are all aware that children need to be vaccinated, but what about adults? Which adults are considered high risk? What vaccines are recommended and why? Find out everything you need to know about vaccinations for Shingles, Flu, Pneumonia, and more at this informative session led by Dr. Megan Oberhauser.

Anxiety Disorders
Presented by Todd Yordy, MA, LPCC-S
Thursday, November 29 at 5 p.m.
UH Samaritan on Main, 663 East Main Street, Ashland
Since anxiety is a normal part of life, it’s important to handle your anxiety in a healthy way. But how do you know if your reaction to anxiety is cause for concern? What are the symptoms of an anxiety disorder? When should you see a doctor? Counselor Todd Yordy will have the answers to all of these questions, and more, at this free presentation.

Music Therapy
Presented by Angel Foss, MS, MT-BC Music Therapist
Thursday, December 6, at 6 p.m. 
UH Samaritan on Main, 663 East Main Street, Ashland
Music therapy is a specialized health service now being offered through Samaritan inpatient and outpatient services as well as through group and individual sessions for the community. Music therapy is the evidence-based use of music to address nonmusical goals, where a credentialed therapist facilitates a group or one-on-one session and develops professional relationships with individuals via musical interaction. Come meet our music therapist, learn more about music therapy, and how this new program will benefit our local community through inpatient support, outpatient activities, wellness programs, community education and musical instrument workshops.

Occupational Therapy - Is it for me?
December 11, 2018
Tuesday, December 11, at 6 p.m
UH Samaritan on Main, 663 East Main Street, Ashland
As many occupational therapists will tell you, the public is often unaware of an occupational therapist’s role in rehabilitation. When referring to the field of occupational therapy, “occupations” can be broadly defined as things you want or need to do to fulfill life roles and find meaning. Occupations include work, play, education, rest, activities of daily living, instrumental activities of daily living, and social participation.
Although occupational therapists and Physical Therapists often work closely together, they are not the same. As one therapist put it, “A physical therapist will teach you how to walk. An occupational therapist will help you put on your dancing shoes and dance the night away!”

Drums Alive!
Presented by Angel Foss, MS, MT-BC Music Therapist
Wednesday, December 12, at 2 different times - see below.
Drums Alive is a cardio-drumming wellness activity that takes a “whole mind, whole body” approach. It incorporates therapeutic modalities from movement, music, sound, and rhythm to engage your mind and your body into extraordinarily FUN physical activity! Join music therapist, Angel Foss, for this informational and experiential introductory session; regular classes will start in January 2019.

We will present 2 Drums Alive informational and experiential sessions December 12.
The first at 10-11am for seniors and another at 5-6pm for adults.
The physical demands for each age category are different and so is the music. You know your own fitness level so please keep that in mind when you choose a session.

Childhood Trauma’s Lifelong Impact
Presented by Todd Yordy, MA, LPCC-S
Thursday, December 13 at 5 p.m.
UH Samaritan on Main, 663 East Main Street, Ashland
Did you know your bad habits of today may be influenced by something that happened to you years ago in childhood? Local professionals well versed in the ACE study are finding it has revolutionized healthcare and is effectively addressing the myriad of social problems our community faces today. Join Todd Yordy to learn more about the ACE study and how it may apply to you or a loved one.